Jonny Sutton is a contemporary artist working primarily with lens based media. Suttons’s work interrogates our current ideas of the world around us, exploring the central contemporary themes of beauty, gender and sexuality. By exploring our connection with reality and allowing us to observe it from a new perspective Sutton enables the viewer to reconsider their own daily interactions.

Particularly of interest is the way in which the internet is rapidly changing our relationship with imagery and the mass media. As content becomes more readily available, accessible and highly disposable, the way in which we interact with it evolves, having a profound effect on the development of online society.

Sutton’s work has been exhibited widely, most recently at SIA Gallery and Millennium Galleries, Sheffield; as well as having featured on numerous websites including Beautiful Decay, Nerve.com and Daily Inspiration. Currently working on a commission for SIA Gallery, Sutton is available for freelance work in art, photography and education throughout the UK.